Speed Cameras Coming to Howard County?

Howard County may be the fourth county to implement the use of speed cameras near school zones, according to the Baltimore Sun. Howard County Executive Ken Ulman has scheduled a news conference for March 8 in Ellicott City.  Montgomery, Prince George’s and Baltimore Counties have programs as does Baltimore City and the City of Laurel.  Ulman requested a study of speeding near his county’s schools, the results of which will most likely be released during the press conference.

State Sen. James N. Robey,  former Howard County executive and police chief  was instrumental in getting the speed camera bill passed in 2009.

Robey, like many current and former police officials, say the cameras are less intrusive than an officer peering into someone’s car and the $40 fine barely pays the cost of the program. More important, according to Robey, cameras effectively reduce speeding without using police officers needed for other tasks, or risking their safety.

Under the compromise approved in April 2009, the devices are only allowed within a half-mile of schools and at roadway work areas. Drivers going 12 miles an hour or more above the speed limit would receive the $40 tickets, and no points would be assessed on a driver’s record.

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