MACo Supports Contract Flexibility For Local Health Departments

MACo Associate Director Andrea Mansfield, along with Departmental of Health and Mental Hygiene Deputy Secretary Fran Phillips and Allegany Health Officer Dr. Sue V. Raver, testified in support of HB709 with amendments before the House Health and Government Operations Committee on Tuesday, February 22.  The Senate crossfile, SB 416, was heard on Wednesday, February 23 before the Senate Finance Committee.  MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson and Garrett Health Officer Rodney Glotfelty joined the panel at this hearing.  These bills would authorize a health officer to enter into an agreement or contract to assist or participate in the delivery of health care services with a person to provide, facilitate, coordinate, or deliver health care services.

Under current law, a local health department can only enter into a contract with a private entity, such as a hospital, federally qualified health center, or large physician group to address a distinct health need, shortage or gap of that specific area. This legislation would provide flexibility to the local health department to enter into an arrangement to provide health services on a much broader scale.

MACo’s amendment would clarify that these contractual or written agreements are entered into with the consent of the county’s governing body. This will ensure that resources are available to provide services and that the county is willing to accept all liabilities associated with such an arrangement.

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