Add a Step to Assess Local Land Use Effects

On February 29, 2016, MACo Research Director, Robin Clark Eilenberg testified in support of HB 1413, State Government – Legislation Impacting Local Government Land Use Decisions – Economic Impact Analyses, to the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee.

This bill requires the Department of Legislative Services to prepare an economic impact analysis for legislation that affects local government land use decisions.

An economic impact analysis is defined as an estimate of the cost or benefit of proposed legislation to residents and businesses. The impact analysis will include any effect of the legislation on property values and taxation.

From the MACo testimony,

State legislation affecting land use can have a significant effect on county residents and local businesses. Adding information about this effect to the fiscal and policy notes prepared by the Department of Legislative Services will allow for better understanding of the local effect of legislation and will contribute to informed decision-making.

The economic impact analysis envisioned by this legislation will also facilitate state and local cooperation in land use matters.

Concerns and interests of residents and small businesses in Maryland are often heard first and most clearly by county and municipal governments. The addition of an economic impact analysis in the General Assembly’s review will allow better communication of these interests and concerns.

In recognition of the role of counties and municipalities in land use, MACo requests the Committee give a FAVORABLE report to HB 1413.

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