DLS “Fiscal Briefing” Available – Wide Look At State, Local Finances

Each year, the Department of Legislative Services prepares a general overview of the State’s budget situation, the Governor’s proposed budget, local governments and assistance, and the capital program. This Fiscal Briefing represents a “one stop shop” for stakeholders seeking to get a handle on State fiscal issues.

This year’s 70-page fiscal briefing is available online from the Maryland General Assembly website. Staff from the Department of Legislative Services will join the MACo Legislative Committee’s meeting tomorrow to review a range of issues, with the Fiscal Briefing as the central document for that conversation.

The section on local governments begins on page 24 (page 31 if you are viewing the pdf version online). Page 30 includes an analysis of “State Aid Reductions and Expenditure Transfers Proposed in State Budget” detailing a total of $230 million in reductions to education, cost shifts to local governments, and altered retirement payments — all components of the Governor’s budget plan for FY 2012.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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