MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Future of Transportation Funding in Maryland

Transportation plays a significant role in our economy and our quality of life.  Yet, we find that a lack of resources and State fiscal constraints are jeopardizing our transportation infrastructure.  Maryland’s backlog of highway, transit, port, and airport projects that are planned but not funded for construction has grown to an estimated $80 billion.  Local governments already face an enormous $3 billion backlog of road and bridge maintenance, even while more projects are being deferred.  Most counties are operating with less than 5% of the State road funding they received until recent budget cuts – and the State’s policy threatens to become a permanent state of affairs.  This facilitated session will discuss funding challenges, approaches for the restoration of local road funding, future direction of transportation, and recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Maryland Transportation Funding.  Speakers include:

Facilitator:  Donald C. Fry, President and CEO, Greater Baltimore Committee

County/Municipal Representatives:  Greg Africa, Deputy Director, Bureau of Highways, Anne Arundel County; Doug Taylor, Director, Roads Department, Somerset County; Oden Wheeler, Interim Director, Department of Public Works, City of Cambridge

Conference registration information can be found on the MACo website.

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