Maryland Wins Race to the Top Funds

U.S.  Department of Education Secretary Duncan announced today that Maryland was among the top 10 winners of the Race To The Top Funds which will bring $250 million into the state’s public schools  in the form of federal grants and awards.  According to the story in today’s Baltimore Sun, Maryland State Superintendent Nancy Grasmick, received word that Maryland was a winner during a meeting of the State Board of Education.

In a release from the Governor’s Office, Governor O’Malley stated:

While our participation in the federal ‘Race to the Top’ initiative culminated today with the receipt of $250 million in education investments, this process has always been part of a long-term strategic policy initiative aimed at reforming Maryland’s public schools and ensuring every child receives the world-class education they deserve.  Maryland remains the nation’s number one public school system and it’s our goal to continue implementing strategic reforms, allowing our students to not only compete with their peers across the nation, but to be globally competitive as well

Maryland was one of 9 states and DC to receive a grant in the second round of Race To The Top.  Delaware and Tennessee were the only grantees selected in the first round of initiatives for Race To The Top.  Maryland did not apply in the first round. Maryland spent the last 9 months putting together a grant proposal.  Twenty-two of Maryland’s 24 school systems joined in the application process.  Montgomery and Frederick County did not participate in the application.  According to William Reinhard, spokesperson for the state Department of Education, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City are slated to receive a large portion of the funds coming to the state.

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