Wicomico County School Board of Education Positions and Salaries Analyzed

An August 8 DelmarvaNow.com article examines whether the number of positions and salary levels for the Wicomico County Board of Education are reasonable.

In Wicomico County, public schools receive nearly half of the county’s operating budget, which is generated mainly through county property and income taxes. This year, that’s about $43 million, a $7.5 million reduction from last year. After state and federal aid, the Wicomico County Board of Education budget for 2010-11 totals more than $170 million.

Due to the size of these budgets and cuts, the number of BOE administrators has been questioned in public meetings, on the local blogosphere and in the political arena. It is with this in mind that The Daily Times is publishing a list of top BOE positions, including salaries. …

With well over 14,000 students, 3,000 employees and 26 schools, WCBOE is, by far, one of the largest organizations in Salisbury. Together, its buildings have about twice the square footage of Peninsula Regional Medical Center. In Maryland, the most comparable system is Cecil County schools, with more than 16,000 students, 2,300 employees and 30 schools.  …

This year, Cecil schools are spending 2.4 percent of their total budget of $181.7 million on administration and Wicomico is spending 2.8 percent of its $173.4 million. This means less than 1 cent out of every local tax dollar goes to WCBOE administration. The leadership team pay for Cecil schools is slightly higher than in Wicomico. In 2008-09, the most recent year data was available, about 28 percent of staff was noninstructional for Cecil, the same as Wicomico. Both systems recently reduced a central office administrator.  …

Visit www.wcboe.org for a glimpse of the programs they administer. Visit www.DelmarvaNow.com for a full list of WCBOE positions and salaries. Differences in pay for identical positions are due to different levels of education and experience. WCBOE is required by law to negotiate salaries, wages, hours and working conditions with unions representing a majority of school level positions.

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