Harford Schools Face Potential Lawsuit Over Bus Reductions, Extracurricular Fees

An August 25 Dagger article reports that a group of concerned citizens are considering suing the Harford County Public School System over reductions in bus service and the implementation of “pay-to-play” fees for extracurricular activities.  From the article:

The system-wide cutbacks in school bus transportation and the new fees for students to participate in extra-curricular activities were approved by the Harford County Board of Education in June as a budget-balancing move for the fiscal year 2014 that began on July 1, 2013.

Edgewood Community Council President Jansen Robinson said on Friday that he is among the leaders in a group of more than 300 parents who believe the transportation cuts will be harmful to children. He said that the coalition leadership has contacted an attorney with plans to file for an injunction to halt the cuts.  …

Regarding the pay-to-play fees, which were set by the School Board at $50 per sport and $25 per extra-curricular activity, Robinson said that he has also contacted the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to determine if the fees violate Maryland’s constitutional provision for a free and adequate public education. He said that other Maryland public school systems charge the fees, but their constitutionality had not previously been challenged.