Harford County Launches “Ideas At Work”

 Harford County has launched the “Ideas at Work” initiative, a web-based program that allows citizens and county employees to submit feedback on the effectiveness and efficiency of the county government.  MACo President and Harford County Executive David Craig stated,

“Harford County is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage our employees and citizens. The only way to create an effective and more efficient government is to connect with our citizens, they are who we represent and serve.  We believe that the growing popularity of on-line social networking and blog sites will allow citizens to easily become familiar with this new way of interacting with government.”

“Through “Ideas at Work” we hope to tackle a variety of issues of concern and importance to both employees and citizens, including the budget and budget process. The SPIGIT software program allows citizens to have input throughout the year rather than just during the budget process, regarding how Harford County should allocate taxpayer dollars.”

The “Ideas at Work” initiative is the first of its kind to be launched in Maryland.

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