Delegate McHale’s Scrap Metal Bill is Heard Before the House Economic Matters Committee

HB 1536, sponsored by Delegate Brian McHale and several others, provides local jurisdictions and law enforcement the essential elements to do their jobs effectively.  Many scrap metal bills have been introduced this year, but none provide for a statewide “floor” while giving local jurisdictions the flexibility to have stricter regulations to deal with specific problems, or reporting requirements to enable  law enforcement to effectively investigate crimes.

In a press release released yesterday, Delegate McHale described these differences and explained why his bill is so important.

MACo Associate Director Andrea Mansfield was joined by numerous individuals offering supporting testimony at the hearing, including Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith, Baltimore City Councilman Bill Henry, Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson, representatives from law enforcement, and the insurance industry.

Previous coverage of scrap metal legislation can be found on the MACo blog, Conduit Street.

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