MACo Legislative Update

HB 68 -Department of the Environment-Grants-Small Businesses and Minority Business Enterprises-Passed House (136-1)-Senate EHE Committee hearing on 3/25-MACo Supported with Amendments

HB-169-Safe and Earth Friendly Roadway Act-Unfavorable-House Environmental Matters-see MACo blog post

HB 211- State Government-Open Meetings Act-Notice and Complaints-Favorable with Amendments-House Health and Government Operations Committee-MACo Supported the bill

HB 304 -Maintenance of Effort-Process and Factors- Favorable with Amendments-House Ways and Means Committee- see MACo blog post-bill Laid Over until 3/26  and SB 310-Maintenance of Effort bill-awaiting final passage in the Senate

HB 892 -Property Taxes-Homestead Property Tax-Favorable with Amendments-Ways and Means Committee- MACo Supported with Amendments

HB 1335 -Mental Health-Local Correctional Facilities-Incarcerated Individuals with Mental Illness-Favorable with Amendments-House Judiciary-awaiting final vote in House – MACo Opposed the bill

SB 560 -Vehicle Laws-Traffic Citations-Option to Request Trial-Passed Senate today

HB 1272- Maryland Medical Family Leave Act-voted Unfavorable by Economic Matters Committee-MACo Opposed the bill

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