Community Solar in Maryland: Clean Energy Projects That Preserve Open Space 

MACo’s 2023 Winter Conference Solutions Showcase features thought leaders and industry experts presenting resources and best practices to assist local governments. Check out this session hosted by Solar Landscape! 

About Solar Landscape: Solar Landscape energizes communities with affordable solar energy, green jobs, and the power to fight climate change. Founded in 2012, Solar Landscape has installed over 500,000 solar panels on commercial, industrial and municipal rooftops. The power we generate serves local communities – both businesses and households, including the largest community solar portfolio serving predominately low- and moderate-income households in the United States. 



Title: Community Solar in Maryland: Clean Energy Projects That Preserve Open Space 

Description: Can Maryland advance large solar energy projects and preserve its precious open spaces? Yes! The state’s new community solar program has opened solar to residents who thought they’d never enjoy its benefits. Now, families who rent a home, live in a condominium, or cannot access residential solar can save money and use clean energy. By installing community solar projects on large commercial warehouses and self-storage facilities, Solar Landscape conserves natural space, too. In this presentation, county elected officials and other community leaders will learn about how community solar is reducing costs for residents, creating jobs, and advancing clean energy equity.      

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2023 

Time: 3:00 PM-3:30 PM 


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