Chief Technologist at WWT Announces “5G Has Arrived…”

In a recent article published on Daniel Valle, EMEA Chief Technologist at WWT states, “5G has arrived, and the time to act is now.” According to Valle, organizations should prepare accordingly, or risk being left behind in the technology revolution.

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From Valle’s editorial:

“As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is a fitting mantra for enterprises as we enter the 5G era. Failing to do the groundwork as 5G becomes a mass-market proposition would leave a business unable to capitalise on the multitude of opportunities it unlocks. 5G has arrived, and the time to act is now. If 5G is going to disrupt your industry, you need to be prepared.

The improved connectivity, faster speeds, lower latency, and enhanced capacity, reliability and flexibility are all crucial to driving business benefits across a huge range of sectors…

…During this roll-out, it’s essential that any business make time to consider how 5G will impact its workforce and business operations.

This will mean asking questions like: how might new IT projects interact with or benefit from 5G? When these projects go live, will they be able to move seamlessly over to 5G? Should the scope or objective of a project be adjusted with 5G in mind? What new models for remote working could be enabled by 5G? What supporting services are required to make these models a reality?”

To read the full article, visit their website.

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