Frederick Sees Increase in Mental Health Needs Among Children

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Mental health providers in Frederick County are finding that more children are suffering from mental illness and at earlier ages.

As reported by The Frederick News-Post:

“We are seeing kids are coming to school with a lot more traumatic experiences, which leads to them having difficulty regulating themselves when they are in school, which then makes them unavailable to learn,” McGreevy said. “If you think about FCPS, 20 percent of that is over 8,000 kids… We do see a lot of mental illnesses that we start to see the characteristics in adolescents, but we also see those characteristics in much younger children. It seems like we are seeing them more and more in those much younger children.”

The article delves into the impacts of traumatic experiences on young minds and on the critical help that mental health services, including 26 psychologists employed by the Frederick County Public Schools, provide to students. The experts hope the school based program is expanded to meet the growing needs.

For more information:

County mental health providers: Issues are more common, starting earlier for children (Frederick News-Post)

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