Juvenile Justice Pt. 1: The Local Role at #MACoCon

The juvenile justice discussion in Maryland affects a sprawling number of local and state services and agencies that are working to reduce juvenile crime.

Juvenile crime and justice issues have been a major topic of discussion in Maryland amongst community members and public officials. There are multiple state and local agencies that play a role in how juvenile offenders and at-risk youth are handled by the system. Recent hearings in the House Judiciary Committee have highlighted the concerns of some of those agencies most directly connected to the issues of juvenile offenders including law enforcement, public defenders, State’s Attorneys, and more.

While the conversation so far has focused on these entities, those voices alone do not adequately portray the breadth and sprawling nature of this issue, especially as it relates to prevention and diversion strategies for vulnerable populations before an offense. The 2023 MACo Winter Conference will host a panel that will highlight additional agencies and actors within the juvenile services ecosystem to illuminate just how many entities have a stake in solutions.

  • Title: Juvenile Justice Pt 1: The Local Role
  • Description: In the wake of new legislation going into effect concerning juvenile offenders, there has been a great deal of discussion as to whether the new laws and protocols are effectively deterring juvenile crime. This session will discuss changes the legislation required and what that means for state and local agencies, along with the current health of local diversion programs. Decreasing juvenile crime is non-negotiable for county residents across the state and this impartial look at current measures will help illuminate this issue ahead of the 2024 legislative session.
  • Speakers:
    • Lawrence Scott – Cecil County Attorney
    • Milton McIver – Attorney, Prince George’s County Department of Social Services
    • David Trolio – Director, Cecil County Department of Community Services
    • Russ Hamill – Chief of Police, Laurel Police Department
  • Moderator: The Honorable Senator Jill Carter
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, December 6, 2023; 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

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