Fun Fact: In Which County Can You Experience the Joy of Painting with Alpacas?

Painting with Alpacas is one of many things offered at Painted Sky Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill in Cecil County. The farm is full of Alpacas you can interact with and events for all to enjoy. 

As the only Alpaca Farm on the Eastern Shore, visitors can see the life cycle of fiber processing starting with their Alpaca’s fleeces and ending with finished products such as scarves, socks, sweaters and more. On the farm you can pet and interact with the Alpacas. In the fiber mill, visitors can see how the fleeces are transformed into their finished products. ​

 From the moment you walk into the fields with them, you will feel a calming sensation often times called “Alpaca Magic.” Alpacas are very gentle and extremely inquisitive creatures. They love meeting you just as much as you will love meeting them. And when we say meet, we don’t mean over a fence line. We take you right into the fields so you can actually interact with the Alpacas. – Painted Sky Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill.

In addition to tours of the farm and fiber mill, there are events that take place throughout the year. Some events include, painting with the Alpacas, music, the MD Alpaca and Fleece Festival and so much more. Check out the Painted Sky Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill for more information and to view their upcoming events.

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