Legislative Changes in Early Recommendations from Lt. Governor’s Work Zone Safety Task Force

Lt. Governor Miller’s Work Zone Safety Work Group held second to last meeting with recommendations by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and the State Highway Administration to include local jurisdictions in proposed safety measures.

Interstate roads with on and off rampsOn October 19, Lt. Governor Miller held the second to last meeting of the Work Zone Safety Work Group, which was established in April to identify actions for improving work zone safety for roadway workers, law enforcement, and motorists. Group members were expected to develop a set of recommendations by the end of 2023 that outlines specific actions to keep roadway workers safe and decrease the number of crashes that occur in construction work sites on Maryland highways. While final recommendations will be presented in the final meeting on November 16th, both the State Highway Administration (SHA) and the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) made preliminary recommendations that included expanded Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) and potential expanded local authority in the use of these systems.

Legislative recommendations from SHA:

  • Expand Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) with flexibility on the technologies used, authorize unmanned cameras, and explore potential expansion of ASE authority to local jurisdictions.
  • Increase fine structure for work zone violations by increasing the fine for an ASE violation to $250, in line with the fine for a violation issued by an officer.
  • Establish Worker Memorial Site to honor and remember all the people who have been killed doing their jobs in Maryland highway work zones.

Legislative Recommendations from MVA:

  • Add multiple Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras in the same work zone.
  • Increase work zone fines and points.
  • Establish a statewide blanket decrease of speed limits through work zones.

During the 2023 legislative session, counties supported a number of bills that would promote roadway safety. Current local ASE authority extends to red light cameras, school zone cameras, and school bus cameras. Additional authority would be welcome to ensure that the employees who who take care of these roadways for residents and families are safe as they work to enhance communities across the state.