Updates: Wetland Restoration Funding Requirements Reduced to a Five-acre Minimum

Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Maryland Department of the Environment have made wetland restoration funding available to more landowners by reducing requirements to a five-acre minimum.

An essential Eastern Shore habitat, non-tidal wetlands are wetland environments not directly affected by tides, rivers, or bays. Installing, enhancing, expanding, or protecting a non-tidal wetland can benefit properties in many ways, from redirecting stormwater and reducing irrigation needs to improving on-site hunting and providing habitat for migratory waterfowl. This grant also has the potential to fund a new conservation easement.

Interested landowners located within the Eastern Shore funding area are encouraged to contact Larisa Prezioso, ESLC’s enhanced stewardship manager, at (908) 246-3419 or at LPrezioso@eslc.org.