MACo Welcomes Smartmatic as New Corporate Partner!

Smartmatic has joined MACo’s Corporate Partner Program as a Bronze Partner! 

Let’s learn a little more about Smartmatic and why they’re considered a world leader in election technology.

Smartmatic has 20-plus years of pioneering secure election technology. Since its founding in 2000, Smartmatic has built a unique body of experience, helping election commissions in more than 35 countries – including the US – to modernize their elections. Using technology designed and developed by Smartmatic, these electoral commissions have registered more than 6.5 billion votes with zero security breaches. From Los Angeles to London to Australia, Smartmatic has helped election commissions either by fully automating their elections or by digitizing certain phases of their manual processes.

Smartmatic is dedicated exclusively to electoral modernization. The company pioneered many of the innovations that today are considered essential to election technology. This includes things like human-readable paper records for every ballot cast. Smartmatic is the first company to enter a voting system for US EAC certification to the new VVSG 2.0 standard.

The company also provides a full suite of election services to support election officials in delivering efficient, effective elections. These services include everything from testing to warehousing to staffing to logistics and more, all of which are completely scalable to fit any jurisdiction’s needs.

The company is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security Council for the Election Infrastructure Subsector. If you’re involved in elections and looking to partner with a world leader, contact Smartmatic.

Thank you to Smartmatic for being a MACo Bronze Corporate Partner!

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