Corporate Partner Profile: UnitedHealthcare

MACo is proud to reintroduce UnitedHealthcare as a bronze-level partner in our Corporate Partner Program.

UnitedHealthcare is a health care company operating as a division of the largest health carrier in the United States, UnitedHealth Group. Committed to the delivery of health care plans that provide greater quality, affordability, access and simplicity; UnitedHealthcare ensures that its members receive quality care, as well as,  guidance to make informed decisions.  Members have access to an abundance of tools to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

UnitedHealthcare understands that budget constraints coupled with the increasing cost of health care can make it difficult for local governments to offer health benefits to employees.  Through the company’s specialized plans  for local, state, and federal governments and school districts, employers are presented with options that will provide quality healthcare plans at an affordable rate.  Solutions available through the customized plans include:

  • UnitedHealth Preimum-designated program
  • Personal Health Support
  • Treatment Decision Support Product
  • Disease Management Solutions
  • Convenient Care Clinics

For additional information on the services offered by UnitedHealthcare please contact Michael Holt.

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