EPA Launches Incident Response Tool for Water Safety

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hosts a dashboard of fact sheets, training tools, and an incident response tool to manage water contamination. 

It is important for local governments to minimize incident response times, especially when the situation involves exposure to potentially life threatening substances. The Water Contaminant Information Tool (WCIT) hosted by the EPA is used by the water sector to prepare for, respond to, or recover from drinking water and wastewater contamination incidents. WCIT includes comprehensive information about contaminants that could be introduced into a water system following a natural disaster, vandalism, accident, or an act of terrorism. There are currently over 800 priority contaminants of concern listed in WCIT.

Access to this password-protected tool will be granted to select personnel from:

  • drinking water and wastewater utilities
  • government public health and environmental laboratories
  • commercial laboratories that service utilities
  • State and local emergency response agencies
  • EPA and other federal agencies
  • State primacy agencies
  • public health agencies
  • water associations

Interested agencies can apply by following the registration instructions at the EPA website. Live training opportunities and information fact sheets are also available.