Garrett Appoints New Director of Emergency Management

The Garrett County Commissioners appointed Samuel Grant, MS, NRP, MDPEMP, as the new Director of Emergency Management. Grant brings a wealth of experience and a diverse background in emergency services, disaster preparedness, and executive fire leadership.

Samuel Grant (image courtesy of Garrett County)

Grant has been a vital part of the Caroline County Department of Emergency Services for the last three years. Before his time in Caroline County, Grant spent over ten years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, working in progressive leadership and emergency management roles.

Grant holds a Master of Science degree in Leadership with Emphasis in Disaster Preparedness and Executive Fire Leadership with extensive experience as a National Registered Paramedic.

“I want to thank the commissioners and County Administrator Kevin Null for the opportunity and for believing in me. I am excited to work in Garrett County and contribute to its growth and resilience,” said Grant. “I’m grateful for the guidance and support from John Frank, a long-time figure in emergency management. John has established a great foundation for Garrett County.”

According to a Garrett County press release:

Throughout his career, Grant has been deeply involved in coordinating disaster preparedness, regional trainings, and emergency responses. He has tackled a wide range of challenges, including managing responses to wildfires and snowstorms and including United States border operations. Grant is eager for opportunity to lead both EMS and Emergency Management, since both aspects line up with his skillset and his aspirations.

Visit the Garrett County website for more information.