When the Money Runs Out: Serving Communities After ARPA at #MACoCon

#MACoCon audiences to hear from an expert panel on how human services will continue to meet the needs of residents with federal ARPA funding coming to a close. 

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is the most common way people refer to the influx of cash that came to local and state governments in an attempt to bolster services and resources during the COVID-19 federal emergency. There were multiple waves of funding and the restrictions changed throughout the roll out process depending on which pool of money was being used. This influx of funding, some of which became uniquely flexible, allowed governments to experiment with existing programs and even start-up new ones, especially in the division of human services. The rare opportunity that presented itself, despite the challenges, has officials and tax payers wondering what those long-term outcomes will be and how local governments will replace this funding to continue building on any recent successes for new and revitalized human services programs.

Title: When the Money Runs Out: Serving Communities After ARPA

Description: The federal COVID-19 emergency had a catastrophic effect on many communities but was especially dire for those facing economic insecurity even before the global pandemic. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) bolstered human services funding to ensure vulnerable communities had ample resources to survive the disruption. Unfortunately, now that the federal emergency has come to a close, the funding tap that has buoyed many human services programs for the past three years is drying up – leaving many communities facing uncertain times. Join this expert group of panelists to discuss how Marylanders will be affected and the efforts that will be taken to make sure the vital needs of vulnerable residents can be met with fewer resources.


  • Dave Trolio – Director of Human Services, Cecil County
  • Dr. James Bridgers – Director, Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County
  • Julia Glanz – Assistant Secretary for Strategic Initiatives, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

Moderator: The Honorable Delegate Stephanie Smith

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