MDE Secretary McIlwain Joins National Push for Electric Vehicles

Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Serena McIlwain has joined the public policy board of Veloz, a public-private partnership focused on educating the public about the benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

“Maryland is taking a seat at the table in leading the electric vehicle revolution,” said Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Serena McIlwain. “Joining Veloz will help connect Marylanders with important information about zero-emission vehicles to help them participate in growing a green economy. If we want to make meaningful progress on climate change, it is critical that we dispel myths about electric vehicles and make a clear pitch to consumers.”

Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary McIlwain

Veloz, which includes government and private industry members, including Uber, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors, is focused on building brand-neutral public awareness campaigns for electric vehicles through events and programming garnering state and national attention. Its website provides information on cars, charging infrastructure, and purchase incentives to help customers confidently choose zero-emissions vehicles.

Secretary McIlwain has been appointed to the organization’s public policy board, which provides policy guidance and support to the board of directors. This non-voting advisory board comprises representatives who serve or previously served in state, local, or quasi-government organizations. Maryland and Hawaii are the first states to provide members to the public policy board in addition to California.

Transportation electrification has gained significant momentum in recent years, with policymakers playing a pivotal role in state efforts to transform the transportation sector. In addition to cutting emissions, electric vehicles can be cheaper to maintain because electric motors require no routine maintenance, unlike gasoline motors.

Earlier this year, Maryland announced its intention to adopt the multi-state Advanced Clean Cars II rule, a significant step in the state’s acceleration to improve air quality and combat the effects of climate change. The proposed regulation requires manufacturers to continuously increase their share of electric vehicles, reaching 100 percent of passenger car and light truck sales by model year 2035. The department is preparing a response to public comments on the proposed regulation, which is expected to be finalized in September.

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