Baltimore County Offers In-Kind Contributions Towards Red Line Transit Project

As plans move forward for the construction of the Baltimore area Red Line transit project, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) has been negotiating local contributions from Baltimore City and Baltimore County for the building of the project. In a letter to state transportation officials, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz outlined his views on the county’s participation in the project.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun,

Kamenetz outlined his stance in a letter to state officials late last month, saying the county is willing to pay $26.5 million in “in-kind” contributions for the transit line — covering street realignments, stormwater management and sidewalk construction, among other things. The state has asked the county for $50 million, and Baltimore City for $200 million.

The Red Line is a proposed 14.1 mile light rail route that would run from Woodlawn in Baltimore County to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in East Baltimore. The project is expected to cost $2.6 billion.

According to Deputy Secretary of Transportation Leif Dormsjo,
The federal government has identified the Red Line — and the Purple Line in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties — for substantial federal funding, but that prioritization is based on a number of factors, including local buy-in, Dormsjo said.

“They like to see their federal dollars go further. They like to see more skin in the game,” he said. “We expressed that point to all of the executives in charge of the local jurisdictions, and they all get that, but they have all said they need some time to find the means to accomplish that, and they want flexibility.”

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