Forever Chemicals No More: What Recent PFAS Settlements Mean for Maryland Governments

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About Nachawati Law Group:

At Nachawati Law Group, their public entity litigation team helps protect state and local governments, counties, school districts, and tribes when unfair, unsafe, or deceptive business practices jeopardize the public interest. When unfair and fraudulent business practices infringe on citizens’ safety and well-being, local and state governments are responsible for taking legal action to secure financial compensation and relief that will help protect the people and help prevent future illegal practices. 



Title: Forever Chemicals No More: What Recent PFAS Settlements Mean for Maryland Governments 

Description: Dupont and 3M have announced a settlement of PFAS water contamination claims. Join Nachawati Law Group, PLLC to learn how the settlement impacts counties’ water sources contaminated with PFAS. This discussion will include the terms of the proposed class settlement and describe the process  public water providers must undertake to participate in the proposed settlement. Attendees will learn about the two phases of class members, the process for testing public water systems for PFAS contamination, consequences of not participating, the settlement’s impact, and PFAS funds available under the federal Infrastructure Act.  A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation. 

Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 

Time: 10:45 AM−11:15 AM 

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