Local Government Insurance Trust Launches Quarterly Publication

New publication by Maryland’s local government insurance organization shares the latest insights and developments of significance for county members who insure through LGIT.

The Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) is a member-owned association authorized by state law and wholly owned and managed by its local government members. It is an entity that provides smaller local governments an opportunity to get insurance coverage with stable rates and predictable costs. This structure allows local governments to meet their risk management needs in providing resident services but not suffer the variability and cost restrictive swings of the private insurance market.

As a service to members, LGIT is now offering a quarterly newsletter to keep members informed of trends that could have a significant effect on operations. The publication shares feedback from recent board meetings, recaps and analysis of past settlements, and the current outlook on a number of issues. The second installment also provided links to webinars and other educational material offered by LGIT to help members familiarize themselves with the often perplexing world of liability coverage.

Check out the first two issues of The LGIT Report and stay tuned for more.