Calvert Sheriff Praises Police Accountability Progress in the County

A May 24th Police Accountability Board meeting in Calvert sheds light on successes and opportunities for the new process. 

Former Calvert County Commissioner and former MACo President, Wilson Parran, heads up the Police Accountability Board (PAB) of Calvert County as the presiding Chairman. Parran led the county’s second meeting of the year on May 24th, which included a report on complaints filed with the board since it was appointed last summer.

So far, 44 complaint cases have been reviewed by the Calvert Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) in total, 13 of which are from 2023. Of all complaints, six cases have resulted in administrative charges. No substantive case-by-case details of the individual incidents were shared during the meeting. Still, the county PAB complaint tracker has a comprehensive list of all filed complaints. Additionally, all meeting minutes and agendas can be found on the Calvert website for the ACC and PAB.

As part of the May 24th agenda, Calvert County Sheriff Ricky Cox spoke to the PAB on a few initiatives the sheriff’s department is looking to mobilize. One of those could help minimize the number of complaints, specifically about speeding. He reported there are frequent complaints about deputies driving too fast.

They would like to equip deputy vehicles with a global positioning system that can document a patrol vehicle’s speed and could be monitored by deputies’ supervisors. There are a reported 200 vehicles in the fleet, and the current budget only supports the installation for 15 vehicles. Sheriff Cox believes this equipment could serve as a deterrence and accountability tool. Chairman Parran noted that many school buses are already equipped with the software.

Watch the full Calvert PAB meeting from May 24th.