Check Out MDOT’s Electric Vehicle Charger Siting Tool

In an effort to help local governments with the rollout of new EV chargers, MDOT unveiled a new Electric Vehicle Charger Siting Tool.

The federal government has put money on the table to help states and local jurisdictions build the nation’s electric vehicle infrastructure, and the Maryland Department of Transportation is unveiling a new tool to help its partners across Maryland apply for and secure those funds.

With three weeks before a June 13 application deadline for the federal Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program, the department has launched its new EV Charger Siting Tool – a one-stop online resource to help counties, towns and local agencies determine which communities are strong candidates to receive some of the $2.5 billion in federal funds available over the next five years.

About the Tool:

As its name implies, MDOT’s EV Changer Siting Tool helps determine the best sites in Maryland for EV charger investment. For those applying for Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary grants – or other grants under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program – the tool allows applicants to plug in an address anywhere in the state and see what factors in that area can help their application.

The tool consolidates data from state and federal agencies, including the location of existing EV chargers and their type; the number of registered EVs in a ZIP code; the location of disadvantaged communities, rural communities and transit-oriented developments; areas designated as Maryland Sustainable Communities; areas along Maryland’s designated Alternative Fuel Corridors; and Justice 40 sites – depicting marginalized and underserved communities targeted for investment to address climate change and clean energy needs.

With the EV Charger Siting Tool, grant applicants can view a map that overlays all those factors – or the ones that best apply – as they make their case for federal funding. Users can identify optimal locations for EV charging stations or other alternative fueling infrastructure. Learn more about the new EV Charger Siting Tool here, and watch a tutorial video on the tool here.

Other MDOT Federal Grant Resources 

The EV Charger Grant Siting Tool is the latest MDOT resource designed to help agencies, counties and local jurisdictions apply for federal grants. The department is working with jurisdictions throughout the state, as well as organizations such as the Maryland Municipal League and the Maryland Association of Counties. In fact, MDOT and MACO this week partnered on a webinar, “Access to Federal Infrastructure Funding.”

Grant programs are a large part of the $1.2 trillion from the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. To help stakeholders apply for federal grants, the MDOT has launched a Federal Grant Information website, with information on open grants, webinars, advice for applicants and a mailing list to keep all parties up to date. Counties, local jurisdictions and other partners are encouraged to follow the page and sign up for the mailing list. For details, contact Sean Winkler at

Read more about the Electric Vehicle Charger Siting Tool.

Check out the Electric Vehicle Charger Siting Tool.