Prince George’s County Deploys Advanced Camera Surveillance Systems

Prince George County Beautification Initiative Logo: Part of It. Proud of It. Keep Our County Clean & BeautifulThe Prince George’s County’s Department of Environment (DoE) has begun deploying new, advanced, covert camera surveillance systems across the County to catch illegal dumpers in the act.

These advanced surveillance systems, supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, are strategically placed in known dumping areas referred to as “hot spots.” They will allow the Environmental Task Force, led by the Department of Environment and in partnership with other agencies, including the Police Department, to provide real-time evidence to enforce County property standards, litter, and illegal dumping laws. These new systems will supplement the County’s current supply of operating mobile surveillance cameras.

“My administration has worked diligently to promote a sense of pride in this County by asking every Prince Georgian to join us in keeping litter and illegal dumping out of our neighborhoods and communities,” said Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. “Prince Georgians are tired of seeing mattresses, couches, and other items dumped along our roads and in our communities. By deploying these advanced mobile surveillance cameras, we are adding another tool to help us hold people accountable and keep our County clean and beautiful.”

The mobile systems can identify the responsible parties in any lighting conditions. They can also be moved around the County and redeployed in a few hours as criminal dumpers change their patterns due to their solar-powered technology.

“These systems will enable us to issue fines and convict dumpers,” said DoE Director Andrea Crooms. “We want these bad actors to know we are taking this seriously and will not tolerate dumping in our community.”

Illegal dumping and environmental crimes require immediate cleanup and have become very expensive for Prince George’s County. Over the last several years, as part of the County Executive’s Beautification Initiative, the County has invested in outreach and education efforts to change behaviors to combat illegal dumping. The County will combine outreach and education with strict enforcement of no-dumping laws through criminal prosecution and civil fines.