Comptroller Lierman Releases Transition Report

Maryland Comptroller Brooke Lierman Maryland Comptroller Brooke Lierman released a robust Transition Report on Monday; the sum of recommendations from 100 Marylanders, including several county officials.  The report identifies opportunities for the Comptroller’s Office to be a more effective advocate for Maryland’s taxpayers, businesses and key stakeholders.

The transition report is the sum of recommendations from 100 Marylanders, including advocates, thought leaders, business owners and elected officials, as well as online feedback from the public. The Local Government Committee included several county officials, including:

  • Michael Sanderson, Executive Director of Maryland Association of Counties (chair)
  • Councilman Gabe Albornoz, Montgomery County
  • Councilman Josh Hastings, Wicimo County
  • Councilman Julian E. Jones, Jr., Baltimore County
  • Councilwoman Christiana Rigby, Howard County

The report outlines several areas the agency can improve on, such as modernizing technology across the agency, building active partnerships with local government, non-profits, small businesses and Maryland residents and also improving public engagement and customer service by updating the Comptroller of Maryland website, tax forms and other forms of communication.

The full Transition Report and more specific recommendations can be read online here.