Anne Arundel’s First Annual Police Accountability Board Report

As a function of the statewide legislation, all police accountability boards must submit an annual report of their activities – Anne Arundel’s report is in. 

In a press release last week, the Office of the Anne Arundel County Executive announced that the county’s Police Accountability Board (PAB) has released its first annual report outlining the number, type, and status of complaints and recommendations to improve the complaint process.

From the release Jeanette Ortiz, Chair of the Anne Arundel County Police Accountability Boar shared:

I appreciate the opportunity to serve the residents of Anne Arundel County along with my fellow Board members. My hope is that the Board’s recommendations will help to bring about greater accountability in policing and build trust between the community and law enforcement.

From County Executive Steuart Pittman:

We were fortunate to engage a group of diverse stakeholders throughout the PAB recruitment and policy design process. I want to thank Jeanette Ortiz and the entire board for working to ensure our policing process remains fair and equitable.”

The report made seven recommendations that ranged from county level procedural changes to amending state law and state regulations. Copies of the annual report are available to the public at library locations across the county. Additional information about the Anne Arundel County Police Accountability Board, public meeting schedules and a digital copy of the annual report are available here.

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