Abundant State and Local Collaboration on Police Accountability at #MACoCon

Local and state officials shed light on the status of police misconduct reforms and the extensive collaboration required by everyone involved. 

The implementation of the Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021 involves the collaboration of numerous state and local agencies across Maryland. With speakers from the Attorney General’s Office, the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commissions (MPTSC), and County Attorneys, it is clear that all hands are on deck and the process is moving ahead.

While the initial roll-out of regulations from the state was slow, both the Prince George’s County Attorney, Rhonda Weaver, and Albert Liebno, the Executive Director of the MPTSC, referenced how they collaborated with each other to get the Prince George’s Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) trained and operational. Rhonda Weaver even mentioned her initial apprehension at the required 40-hour week of training but once they got the process underway, it was incredibly rewarding for the ACC members. “The feedback as overwhelmingly positive,” she said.

The sentiment of collaboration was continued with Chief Dana Mulhauser, who heads up the Independent Investigations Division (IID) of the Attorney General’s Office. The new division requires a great deal of collaboration when the IID comes in to a county to take over an investigation due to a civilian death as a result of a law enforcement interaction. While there have been some difficulties Chief Mulhauser said, “By and large the counties have been incredibly supportive. We have been super impressed.”

Title: From the Ground Up: Implementing Police Accountability


  • Rhonda Weaver, County Attorney, Prince George’s County
  • Albert Liebno, Executive Director, Maryland Police Standards and Training Commissions
  • Dana Mulhauser, Chief, Independent Investigations Division, Maryland Office of the Attorney General

Moderator: The Honorable Will Smith, Maryland State Senate

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