Montgomery Launches EV Purchasing Co-op Dealership Incentive Program

Montgomery County recently unveiled Maryland’s first EV purchasing Co-op dealership incentive program. 

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will be helping residents find discounts on electric vehicles (EVs) with the launch of its new “EV Purchasing Co-op Dealership Incentives” web page. The program is the first in Maryland where a local jurisdiction is partnering directly with local automobile dealerships to provide incentives and discounts for EV purchases.

The program will amplify limited-time promotions and discounts on battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The initiative is the cornerstone of the next phase of the County’s EV Purchasing Co-op and will make the benefits of EVs more accessible by helping residents reduce the cost of going electric.

According to the press release:

“I am proud that our County is taking the lead and is the first County in the State to partner with automotive dealers to incentivize elective vehicle adoption,” said County Executive Marc Elrich. “The number of community members that have pledged to go electric as part of the EV Purchasing Co-op shows that there is significant demand for electric vehicles in Montgomery County. Now, with the introduction of EV Purchasing Co-op Dealership Incentives, we are delivering on our commitment to make electric vehicle ownership more accessible.”

EV adoption is a key part of Montgomery County’s Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. Residents and businesses that transition to electric vehicles can save thousands of dollars on fuel and maintenance costs in the first five years of EV ownership and reduce tailpipe pollution to zero.

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