Talbot Receives $500K for Agricultural Biotechnology Manufacturing

Talbot County received a $500,000 grant from the USDA to help grow the region’s agricultural biotechnology manufacturing sector. 

Earlier this month Talbot County was awarded $500,000 from the Hogan Administration and the USDA in order to help spur the region’s agricultural biotechnology manufacturing sector. The funds will go towards a new center to serve as a business incubator and give a select handful of startup companies a place to grow. The new center will hold four companies total and generate roughly 50 jobs.

The county hopes that these companies will quickly outgrow the new incubator and expand their presence within Talbot and the Easter Shore.

According to WMDT:

“What investing in this biotech facility enables us to do is help those businesses with new ideas and new products hopefully we can land those businesses and keep them on the shore and if it’s not in Talbot it’s in our neighbors so it’s a win-win for Talbot and the rest of the shore.” -Talbot County’s Economic Director Cassandra Vanhooser

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