Governor Hogan Presents Outgoing Budget Plan

Governor Hogan, amidst preparations for a transition to a new Administration in January, presented the basics of his Administration’s budget plan for FY 2024. This foundation will receive attention from the new Administration, and then will be formally introduced in January.

Governor Hogan, flanked by Budget Secretary David Brinkley (L) and Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford (R), presents an overview of an initial fiscal plan for the year ahead.

The Governor noted the tenor of the budget overall, saying “We are able to fully fund our top priorities, including education… going above and beyond formulas set by the legislature.” The Governor also noted additional funding to target “learning loss” and the BOOST program supporting students in non-public education offerings.

Lt. Governor discussed multiple major investments into mental and behavioral health services, through both private and public offerings. The effort would include expanded beds, research facilities, and other investments.

From the Governor’s Press Release, some additional highlights affecting local government public safety and land preservation programs:

Reinvesting In Police, Public Safety, and Victim Services

The recommended FY24 budget plan includes:

  • Continuing the state’s $500 million Re-Fund The Police Initiative to increase support for state and local police;
  • An additional $30 million to Victims of Crime Assistance (VOCA) grant recipients;
  • $2.1 million for a ZeroEyes gun detection pilot program;
  • $400,000 for an automated ballistics imaging system for the Maryland State Police crime lab.

Leading on Environmental Stewardship and Land Conservation 

The recommended FY24 budget plan includes:

  • Continuing to fully fund Chesapeake Bay Restoration; and
  • $102 million to fully replenish Program Open Space eight years ahead of schedule to accelerate land conservation projects.

In Maryland’s transition timetable, a new Governor is not installed until into the month of January, making budget development a peculiar combined effort. The outgoing administration prepares its budget recommendations, and typically provides this material to the incoming administration’s fiscal leaders for their additional development prior to final introduction. In 2023, the new budget must be presented by January 20 – merely two days after the incoming Governor and administration are formally sworn into office.

Watch the full budget presentation on the Governor’s YouTube channel online.


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties