Anne Arundel Opioid Overdose Response Teams at Your Door

After opioid overdoses spiked in the county last week, a Behavioral Health team from the Anne Arundel Health Department pounded the pavement to reach those in need. 

Opioid overdoses can follow various patterns. They can spike due to an influx of new illicit supply in the market or even just around uniquely stressful events and seasons, such as the holidays or economic market volatility. But when these trends begin to pick up, meeting vulnerable populations in their communities is where real impacts can be made. A group of specialists from the Anne Arundel County Health Department did just that, and on a rainy winter day. They knocked on over 100 doors to distribute Narcan and educational materials to survivors, their families and community members.














In addition to having Behavioral Health specialists on staff, the Anne Arundel Health Department provides opioids overdose training to vulnerable populations and common community touch points.

The training is for at-risk individuals, family members, friends and the associates of any individual who is using and at risk of overdosing on heroin or prescription pain medications. The training is also for anyone who works with the public and is recommended for treatment, recovery and transitional housing staff. Teens under 18 may take the training if accompanied by a parent or guardian.