USDOT Releases Strong Grant Application Checklist for Counties

Earlier this month, USDOT released a checklist aimed at helping local governments submit better, stronger transportation grant applications. 

Earlier this month the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) released a grant application checklist for a strong transportation workforce and labor plan. The checklist is part of an effort by USDOT to help local governments submit better and strong federal grant applications and ensure that projects create good-paying jobs for communities. 

According to USDOT, there are three components of a good plan: 

  1. Creating good-paying jobs with free and fair choice to join a union.
  2. Expanding high-quality training and education programs to help train and place people in good-paying jobs, with a focus on women, people of color, and others other populations facing systemic barriers to employment such as people with disabilities and people with convictions.
  3. Implementing policies both during procurement and during project implementation that will promote the hiring and retention of underrepresented workers.

The checklist provides additional information on the components of an ideal plan and is furnished to spark thoughts and ideas that applicants may want to share. Applicants are not required to address everything on the list in order to be competitive for a particular grant’s selection criterion. Review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the specific program you are considering to ensure you are responsive to that particular application.

Check out the checklist.