Howard County Council Incumbents Sail to Reelection

All five incumbents are set to return to the Howard County Council. 

Howard County is a notoriously purple jurisdiction. Unlike some counties where the primary is the real election, the Council general election in Howard was thought to be competitive. In a very good night for incumbents, voters sent all five members of the Council back for another four years.

District Seats

All but one district had a challenger from each party. Deb Jung, who represents District 4, sailed into reelection with no opponents.

District 1 – Walsh Wins

Incumbent Elizabeth “Liz” Walsh (D) received nearly 63.15 percent compared to her challenger, Sean J. McCurdy’s (R), 36.73 percent.

District 2 – Jones Wins

Incumbent Opel Jones (D) received nearly 69.97 percent compared to his challenger, Sheila P. Jennifer’s (R), 29.85 percent.

District 3 – Rigby

Incumbent Christiana Rigby (D) received nearly 74.66 percent compared to her challenger, William H. Campbell’s (R), 25.25 percent.

District 5 – Yungmann

Incumbent David Yungmann (R) received nearly 55.89 percent compared to his challenger, Joan U. Pontius’s (D), 44.04 percent.

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