Harford’s Transit LINK Bus System Earns Top Awards

Harford Transit LINK, the county’s public bus system, has been honored by the Transportation Association of Maryland.

Harford County’s public bus system received a 2022 Outstanding Marketing Program Award, and its administrative supervisor, Jodi Glock, received the state organization’s Unsung Hero Award. The awards were announced on September 21, 2022.

According to a County press release, Harford Transit LINK was recognized for its vehicle and operations center branding; informative, easy-to navigate website; development of free, customer-friendly apps; electronic signage; mass communication systems; advertising and outreach; internal approach to associate safety gear; health and safety campaign during COVID; and elevating its customer service standards.

Jodi Glock, administrative supervisor at Harford Transit LINK, was recognized for exceptional contributions to
public transit, for her advocacy for sustainable rural transportation, her pursuit of grant funding, and her overall passion for helping others through public transit service. During her tenure, Ms. Glock has secured more than $40 million in grants for Harford Transit LINK operations and capital needs. Due to her efforts, Governor Hogan in May signed HB-838 into law, which will ensure increased funding each fiscal year for elderly and handicapped transportation services in the county, greatly benefiting those most in need.

“We appreciate this recognition for our team at Harford Transit LINK and their efforts to modernize our public transportation system and improve customer service,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “Special thanks to Jodi Glock for securing funding, and congratulations to everyone who has helped our system become one of the best in the state.”

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