Police Misconduct Charging Committee Filled in Anne Arundel

With an established Police Accountability Board (PAB), Anne Arundel has taken the next step in implementing police reform with a full compliment of appointments for their Administrative Charging Committee (ACC).

A recent press release announced the nomination of 4 individuals to Anne Arundel County’s newly established Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) as required by law.

These nominations are particularly important as the ACC is the presiding body that will recommend what disciplinary actions should be taken, if any, in each case. The scope of their work includes but is not limited to reviewing the investigatory file submitted by the corresponding law enforcement agency where the claim originates, considering the evidence presented and hearing testimony.

“I want to thank each of the more than 100 residents who applied to be a part of our continued efforts to build trust between communities and police in Anne Arundel County,” County Executive Steuart Pittman said.

County Executive Pittman’s nominees:

  • Charlett Bundy, an attorney with more than two decades of experience in corporate governance and employment law, who served as a Civil Rights Investigator with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.
  • Curtis Zurcher, a retired intelligence analyst and U.S. Air Force NCO with deep experience in personnel, discipline, and training issues.

The 9 member PAB nominees:

  • Dr. Andrew Miller, an assistant professor of political science at the U.S. Naval Academy, who wrote his doctoral dissertation at MIT and whose research focuses on citizen-police cooperation in gang-contested communities.
  • Lisa Snead, an attorney and senior staff counsel with Anne Anne Arundel Public Schools who represents the Board of Education on EEO matters.

The 5th and final member of the ACC will be the current Chair of the PAB, Jeanette Ortiz. These nominations do not require county council approval and are seated as of the appointments.

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