Competing Trends Pose Problems for Commuters and Planners

A new report from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments shows an increase in both teleworking and solo driving. 

Last month, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments released their annual State of the Commute Survey Report. This years report showed two very interesting, but contradicting trends, an increase in telecommuting and an increase in solo driving. While telecommuting can very clearly ease congestion and commute times, solo driving exaserbates the worst aspects of our commutes by taking up more space on our already crowded roadways.

While it is clear that telework is here to stay, telework is not appropriate for all workers and not in all circumstances. In 2022 workers teleworks an average of 3.37 days a week. But that means that 1.67 days they were still in the office. There was a 13% increase in commuters who drove alone too (78% total), compared to 2019.

Biggest Takeaway:

Solo driving is bad for the environment and for commute times. Employers and policy makers need to find a way to reduce solo driving if commutes are to become less exhausting and more efficient.

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Read the full report.

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