Montgomery Pushes for Full Electrification

This October, Montgomery County, in collaboration with the Montgomery Energy Connection network, is celebrating “Energy Action Month” with the theme “Electrify Everything” to focus on going electric inside and around the home.

The County’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Montgomery County Recreation, the Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Public Libraries and community partners are working together to provide opportunities and information to move to electric energy and lower energy costs.

According to the press release:

“This month-long celebration has now become an opportunity for our County residents to take proactive steps to use less energy and go electric,” said County Executive Marc Elrich. “As people understand and embrace electric vehicles, I hope the same will soon be said for people going all-electric in their homes. I am proud that our County government is taking the steps to make the transition to all-electric easier for people and businesses.”

Montgomery’s recent push is just one part of the national electrification conversation. Long-time readers of Conduit Street will know that while electrification will be effective in reducing climate change, but it is not a fix-all solution. Last week’s policy deep dive went into detail about the current state of electrification and what it will take to really eliminate carbon emissions. If electrification is to make a difference, then it is critical to develop either more versatile renewable technologies that can generate power in a wider range of weather conditions and/or develop utility-scale battery storage.

Read the full press release.