It’s National Voter Registration Day! Are You #VoteReady?

Every year, millions of Americans don’t vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register. The tenth annual National Voter Registration Day aims to make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote.

First observed in 2012, National Voter Registration Day is a nonpartisan civic holiday celebrating our democracy. To date, over 4.7 million voters registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day.

Registering to vote In Maryland

Maryland’s Gubernatorial General Election is on November 8, 2022.

To vote in the 2022 Election, you must be registered to vote. To learn more about who can register to vote, click here.

For the general election, the deadline to register to vote or update your voter registration information is October 18, 2022. To register to vote or to check your registration status, click here. Your voter registration must be up to date with your current address. To update your voter registration, click here.

You may also register to vote or update your voter registration information in person during early voting or on election day. You will vote by provisional ballot if you update your address on election day. An election judge will assist you with this process.

Voting in Maryland

Early voting for the November 8 general election begins on October 27 and runs through November 3.

The deadline to register to vote in the general election is October 18, and the deadline for voters to request a mail-in ballot is November 1.

Vote by Mail (Mail-in Ballot)

Maryland voters who have requested a mail-in ballot for the Gubernatorial General Election can expect to receive their ballot at the end of September.

Your mail-in ballot must be mailed or dropped in a ballot drop box by 8:00 pm on November 8. If you mail your ballot, it must be postmarked on or before each election day to be counted.

Ballot drop box locations are available here (en español). Ballot drop boxes will be open until 8:00 pm on November 8.

Counties administer and fund elections at the local level, overseeing polling places and coordinating poll workers every two years. As more voters opt to cast mail-in ballots, local boards of elections require flexibility to meet critical certification deadlines and provide meaningful results after the polls close on election day.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, the Maryland State Board of Elections filed a petition seeking a judicial order to allow local boards of elections to begin canvassing mail-in ballots before polls close on election day — which is essential for reporting timely results.

Voting In Person

For Marylanders who prefer to vote in person for the general election, early voting centers will be open from Thursday, October 27, 2022, through Thursday, November 3, 2022, from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm, and election day polling places will be open from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm on November 8, 2022. In addition, Marylanders may vote early at any early voting center in their jurisdiction of residence or their assigned polling place on election day.

What is an election judge?

Election judges are responsible for administering voting procedures in their precinct and ensuring a fair and accessible election for all eligible voters. Duties include setting up and breaking down a polling place before and after voting hours. Other duties may include checking in voters, assisting voters, and overseeing all election procedures throughout the polling place.

Why should you be an election judge?

  • You get paid
  • You help voters
  • You are involved in the election process

Minimum Qualifications

To be an election judge, you must be:

  • 17 years old or older
  • A registered voter in the State of Maryland
  • Able to speak, read, and write English
  • Physically and mentally able to work at least a 15-hour day
  • Willing to work outside your home precinct
  • Able to sit and/or stand for an extended period

* If you are 16 years old, you can serve if you demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the local Board of Elections, that you meet the requirements for an election judge and at least one parent or guardian gives permission.

NOTE: Some positions require election judges to be able to lift boxes and other items weighing 10 to 25 lbs.

Additionally, you cannot be an election judge and a:

  • Candidate or currently hold a public or political office, including State and county political party central committees; or
  • Chairman, campaign manager, or treasurer for a political or candidate committee.

Apply Now!

No experience is required, and your county’s local board of elections will provide comprehensive mandatory training. Knowledge of computers is preferred but not necessary. Bilingual speakers are encouraged to apply.

Apply here

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