Learn About Howard’s Accessibility Focus at Centennial Park

Completed renovations at Centennial Park South widened pathways, added a new accessible parking lot and pathway improvements, and completed other improvements that enhance public safety.

Counties have an opportunity to ensure equal access to not just their parks but all services and buildings by investing in accessibility. Howard County is one such example where funds for recreation and parks projects were used to make improvements that allowed all residents access to the beautifully preserved park. Centennial park is the largest park in the county and brings together residents of all ages and abilities, and with the newly added ADA improvements will continue to serve residents for years to come. This year’s county budget for parks and recreation is the largest investment in eight years as the county works toward providing green spaces for all.

Construction began in October 2021. Pathways were widened to improve accessibility and to allow for emergency vehicles to access the pathways. A new accessible parking facility with accessible parking spots was added at the bottom of the hill, which is where the deck and pathways begin. Decking and railings were replaced to enhance the South Entrance boat rental facility. Pathways now connect the new parking facility with the existing boat ramp, boat rental facility, restrooms, and the amphitheater. Even more improvements are also in the works as the county continues to invest in the park.

 “These improvements will continue to make Howard County’s largest regional park more functional and accessible to our residents of all ages and abilities. It’s so important that we continue to build reliable infrastructure and public facilities that will last for generations. This especially includes our public outdoor spaces, our beautiful pathways, waterways and other amenities which now can be enjoyed by even more people,” said County Executive Calvin Ball.