#MACoCon Panel Discusses Developing Technology Trends

At the 2022 MACo Summer Conference, an expert panel discussed how local governments can take advantage of new technology.

The world of technology is quickly evolving, and with it, how government does business. From paying property taxes with bitcoin, to implementing a password-free security strategy, county governments should be focusing on current tech trends and the challenges and opportunities they create. Panelists discussed tech innovations and how they can improve government operations.


  • Jennifer Heflin, Managing Directo, Accenture
  • John Evans, Chief Technology Advisor, World Wide Technology
  • Hugh Miller, Executive Government Advisor, Amazon Web Services
  • Caroline Goodbody, Director of Product Strategy and Marketing, Comcast Smart Solutions
  • Michael Matthews, Legislative Director – Community, Economic, & Workforce Dev, National Association of Counties

Moderator: Delegate Julian Ivey

Delegate Julian Ivey began the conservation by introducing John Evans who discussed how WWT was helping improve processes, specifically around supply chain disruption. Michael Matthews went over new NACo housing tools to help guide local policy. Caroline Goodbody detailed Comcast’s work on making Smart Cities a reality. Jennifer Heflin connected the work of more innovative government with real-world success stories and impacts. Hugh Miller described how AI was help environmental projects in Virginia.

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