Connecting Businesses and Communities at Faster Speeds #MACoCon

County leaders discussed broadband and wireless networks, their economic benefits, and why they are worth the investment during a session offered at the MACo Summer Conference. The session titled “Broadband and Wireless – Connecting All the Dots” was moderated by Delegate Jason Buckel and sponsored by MACo’s Budget and Finance Affiliate.

Speakers included Gerry Lederer with the law firm of Best, Best & Krieger; Mark Ripper the Director of Technology Services for Carroll County; and Doris S. Mason, the Executive Director  of the Upper Shore Regional Council.

Mr. Lederer provided a decision tree to assist counties with making critical decisions when implementing networks. He stated that leadership is key to building successful networks and emphasized that “No one size fits all” and advised “Don’t reinvent the wheel.”

Ms. Mason shared examples from the regional councils across the state and emphasized the economic benefits of broadband. Ms. Mason also provided specifics on the Upper Shore’s planning process for “last mile connectivity.”

Mr. Ripper provided a more technical view of broadband networks and spoke about implementing the public and business network in Carroll County. Carroll County’s primary network goal was economic development. Mr. Ripper also provided tips for planning a broadband network.

Speaker presentations can be found on MACo’s Summer Conference App.