County-level Geographic Profiles Available Through US Census

Newly-redesigned and updated geographic profiles have been released by the US Census – a powerful tool to evaluate data at the county level, or multiple other tiers.

Available for over 100,000 geographies at the state, county, place, tribal area, zip code and congressional district level, the Census’s redesigned Geographic Profiles make it easy to navigate and visualize data on one screen.

If you haven’t checked out the Geographic Profiles, they offer data on some of the most asked-about topics, like population, education, employment, and business data. With the brand new layout, you can now check out descriptions of your community, table source information, visualize your data with bar charts, explore adjacent geographies in a map view, and share Census Bureau data with your colleagues.

Check out the new Geographic Profiles today!  See all the various census reports for Maryland using this query.

Here’s the opening section of a detailed sample profile for Kent County, Maryland:

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties