Harford Council Member Andre Johnson Wins Delegate Primary

Harford County Council Member Andre Johnson and incumbent Delegate Steve Johnson prevailed in the Democratic primary election to represent District 34A in the Maryland House of Delegates. Council Member Johnson and Delegate Johnson will face Glen Glass and Teresa Walter, who advanced in the Republican primary, in the general election on November 8.

Maryland State Board of Elections (7/20/2022, 1:00 pm)

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Please note that vote counts are incomplete. Election officials still have to count mail-in and provisional ballots. For context, more than 500,000 Marylanders requested a mail-in ballot for this year’s primary, and those remaining votes are likely to be material to many contested races. However, local boards of elections cannot begin to canvass mail-in votes until Thursday, July 21. Therefore, for editorial purposes, MACo coverage will describe any races where the top runner-up remains within 10 percent of the apparent winner(s) as “pending” and those results as “apparent.”

MACo’s election coverage and analysis rely on unofficial results published by the State Board of Elections. Official results will follow after a full accounting of pending votes. Given delays in processing an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, MACo advises readers that any close unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead.

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