Thank You American Fidelity for Your #MACoCon Sponsorship!

Thank you American Fidelity for sponsoring our MACo Summer Conference Attendee Lounge and HR Affiliate Session!

Be sure to thank American Fidelity at booth number 508 in the Exhibit Hall at Summer Conference and enjoy access to the Attendee Lounge each day of conference!

American Fidelity offers a wide variety of products and services for Human Resources departments. They specialize in the education, public sector, automotive and healthcare industries with products like group and individual life, health and annuity services as well as other financial security products and services.

In 1960, C.W. and C.B. Cameron founded American Fidelity Assurance Company based on a fundamental belief: The most important asset anyone has is their ability to work and earn a living. That’s why American Fidelity provides supplemental benefits products to help people protect their finances and save for medical expenses and retirement. C.W. knew from experience how important products like disability insurance could be. When he was 14, he had to drop out of school to support his family after his father became disabled. Years later, he used that experience to become an early leader in reaching people at their workplaces and offering payroll deduction to purchase products to help them prepare for the unexpected. He focused on reaching state agency employees, trade associations and schoolteachers, all of which remain our key customer markets today. Today, they continue to embrace that pioneering spirit and strive to provide a different opinion to our customers. To them, that means constantly looking for ways to make things easier for the people we serve.

Learn more about American Fidelity’s products and services including employee benefits, retirement savings, dependent verification, stop loss insurance, and more.

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